Historic Beck House of Plymouth, Michigan
Historic Beck House of Plymouth, Michigan

Special Occassions


With Beck House Guest Residencies, our guests can get an early start to the day before heading out to accomplish their business at hand. Your morning ritual can begin with coffee and fresh fruits on the kitchen counter. Many homes have a dessert counter offering an ever-changing array of sweets and treats, fruits and nuts for daily nibbling and evening indulging.


Weekends offer a time to relax and enjoy the  farmer's market, local restaurants, or head straight to the golf course and other scenic excursions.


Celebrations, birthdays, and Holidays are often spent at Historic Beck House.  We are thrilled to note your life's sigificant mile stones - its your time to be applauded!


Deleciable Delights Gallery at Historic Beck House


Beck House Guest Residencies 

12065 N. Beck Road

Plymouth MI  48170




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